Vmware, Inc.

86.0000 206.7990
52 weeks
52 weeks

Mkt Cap 12.64B

Shares Out 109.21M

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Lucid Trend Following System

Let’s talk about human psychology towards weather

The researchers note that it should not be surprising that weather and seasons affect human behavior, given that humans have evolved with seasonal and weather changes since the dawn of the species.

The researchers offer a straightforward prescription: "If you wish to reap the psychological benefits of good springtime weather, go outside."

Therefore, we at lucid-trend come up with as our bullish symbol to represent an optimism in stock price momentum. Simply put investors are willing to bid higher for the stock and anticipate growth and a brighter outlook as illustrated below

Stock and its outlook

As a long-term trend following bull investor, you are deploying a buy-and-hold strategy. You should be actively selecting stocks, yet is less concerned with short-term price movements (price fluctuation) and technical indicators.

Because of the investor’s commitment to the stock for an extended period of time, buy and hold strategies with bull positions require deep analysis.

Our Industry analysis

We offer Industry analysis for the US Market that includes: Technical trends like where it is trading at, how it's trading (Over Bought, Over Sold, current momentum, current price behavior, volume activities, related to moving average etc)

Due diligence by you as an investor.

1.Characteristics of the company itself, including its management and financial results.

2.Additional metrics of performance (e.g., Active users for a growing tech company, revenue growth, EPS growth, subscription growth and most important their outlook).

Our Trend Following analysis

First of all, we establish sunny forecast for the stock when it has overcome the previously established hurdles by significant closing above the resistance line. Low of the day has to be above the resistance line or when new stock leaps into the new higher ground and starts trading at the higher price.

With our long-term trend line, it should keep you in the game for as long as possible to maximize the gain. Lucid-trend’s trend support line keeps rising as long as the prices are climbing higher.

At any given time charts, should be able to represent Not ALL but most of the above-mentioned points. Stock prices are the pure reflection of the company and its outlook. In some instances and some extends it also the represents how the industry behaves.

Darvas box theory is all about drawing boxes at 52 weeks high or all-time high. At lucid-trend Trend following method, we have developed a similar method to draw support and resistance line at any given stage of stock’s performance by monitoring price support and rejection by the Mr.Market


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